Tutorial for NoCD by: IOD

This is a tutorial for a No-cd Utility for any cd/dvd free and legally for
windows xp. Shows you how to virtually mount iso files without paying a penny
in 9 descriptive steps. This works for any game or cd/dvd program.


//I guess you could put this into a zip file...or you could just make a page for
it on your site because it doesn't really need to be downloaded
//Its not too complicated I just wrote a lot to be thorough and clear...and very
//I use this for all the games on my computer...works flawlessly
//after using this method once it takes seconds to do the same for another
cd-required application you run
//Quickest, easiest , most efficient method to run games without a cd legally
and freely
//Many people have asked me for this solution, so now I am posting this so that
I dont have to keep explaining it to people
//If you want I can send you the two installer files just incase the websites
that provide these files stop offering the files... otherwise it would
probably be better legally for people to download them from the creators'
websites... Therefore you might not want to have these files hosted on your
website, and just have people download them themselves from the links I have
provided in my directions.

This is the ultimate NO-CD solution for ANY cd/dvd requred program on windows XP
for free (Works for all versions of SC and any other games you play from
a cd/dvd). It does not use some expensive 3rd party program like Alcohol, but
rather two free utilities, one of which is directly provided from Microsoft.
To follow the tutorial it is requires to download these two free programs. If
you already have some iso maker program then you dont need the first file and
can skip getting this isorecorder program. Otherwise you can just get the free
one provided by the link.


1. Make .iso from your current (sc/bw/or other-game) cd. If you don't already
have a program to do that then you can use this free utility at

and the executable is
directly downloadable at:


2. Download the Microsoft utility to mount virtual drives. It is found at

and the executable is
directly downloadable at


3. In order to install the isorecorder program click on the msi you downloaded,
run the wizard, and complete the installation.

4. In order to install the Microsoft virtual drive mounting utility, run the exe
and extract the files to some folder. For example I just extracted it to
"C:\Program Files\ISO Mount".

5. With your bw/sc/other-game disk in your optical drive, and the successfull
installation of the your iso recording utility, go to "My Computer" and
right click on the drive which contains your game disk. A certain shell menu
item should appear if you installed the isorecorder properly. On the menu
click on the option the option "Create Image from CD". If you do not see this,
then you have either installed the isorecorder improperly, or your system
is not supported. A application wizard should come up. Click on the "..." next
to the "To:" box to choose the directory where the copied iso will be
saved. For example I copied it to "C:\Program Files\Starcraft\Brood

6. Open the folder where you unpacked the Microsoft virtual drive mounting
utility. Run the file "VCdControlTool.exe". For ease of use you might want to
create a shortcut to this executible on your quicklaunch or start menu.

7.(only on first run) The first time you run this application you have to locate
the driver. To do this click on the button "Driver Control..." then
"Install Driver..." and locate the file "VCdRom.sys" which should be in the
folder in which you extracted the Microsoft virtual drive mounting utility.
After you do this once, you never have to do it again. Now hit "OK" until you
get back to the original window of this utility.

8. In the window click "Add Drive" to add a new virtual drive. Since it is
mocking an optical drive the letter name doesnt really matter. By default the
program will start at "Z:\" and work its way up the alphabet. In this
program's mounted drive table on the main screen click on the virtual drive you
just created (it should say for example: Z: No Image Mounted...). With the
virtual drive you want to use selected, click the button "Mount". Then
navigate to the .iso file you created earlier, and hit open. A window will pop
up, select the checkbox labeled "Persistant Mount", this is required so
that you dont have to mount it each time you turn your computer on. Then hit

9. ALL DONE! Remove the optical disk from your drive. And go to "My Computer"
and double click your new virtual drive to invoke autoplay. From now on,
you can click the regular shortcut on your desktop/quick launch/start menu.

//Direction provided by me: IOD

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